All I have to say is AMAZING!

We decided to go back to Pinky’s to set up. So, we got the van all packed and ready to go. On our way to Manderson, we saw a person walking along the road. We passed her and realized it was a lady carrying diapers, so we slammed on the brakes and kicked it in reverse. We picked her up and she told us that someone dropped her off to at Sharps Corner (gas station). When we picked her up, she had been walking for over 2 hours. Our drive to Manderson was still another 20+ minutes. She would of not made it to her house until dark, if no one picked her up. Just to think that she had to do that for her child, just broke my heart. If any of us needed diapers for our baby’s, then we would just get in our car and have them in 10 minutes top. 

When we dropped her off we gave her more diapers and other baby supplies. So, she didnt have to go back to Sharps Corner for a while. When we were at Maddie’s house, another family came out. Jess approached them and asked if they needed anything. They had a newborn and another little one. So, we gave them clothes, new car seat, clothes, diapers, soap, and lotion. They were very grateful!.It just made me want to cry! I ended up buying a bracelet from Maddie, so I will always remember this special day! 

TO BE CONTINUED!!!! We got to get going to another block party!

Love Always!

Lindsay Rose


About Lindsay H.

My name is Lindsay. I am currently a senior at Methodist College of Nursing. I will graduate on December 15th! Follow along as I take a class trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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  1. Gina says:

    Amazing! Glad you guys were there to help her. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Did you go horseback riding?
    Love you!

  2. Mary says:

    Wow Lindsay, your post brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you and all you are accomplishing this week. Experiences like this change people forever.

  3. Aunt Jo says:

    Lindsay I am so excited for you that you are having this great adventure!!! Thanks for sharing it with us so we can also reflect on the all the things we take for granted and how lucky we really are!
    Love and Miss you!
    By the way, Happy Almost Birthday!!!! Enjoy

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