After we left the housing, we went to Pinky’s. As soon as we got things set up, we were busy. The children section gave away so many car seats, diapers, wipes, clothes, and hygiene products. While we had a record number of people at our health check. I love it when they would come up to our table excited to be poked! Some of these people haven’t had their blood pressure checked in years, let alone blood sugar and cholesterol. One thing that I enjoyed doing was comparing the results between clients.  

While we were at Pinky’s we saw a mom with her infant. We approached her and informed her what we were doing and what we had. We asked her what size the baby was in, and we went and grabbed stuff. After sitting there talking to her for a while, she informed us that he was born prematurely, and had to be in Rapid City for a while. But, he was SO cute! We all took turns holding him, it was so hard to put him down. But, we did. 

At 2 we left to go horse back riding! I was so excited to go. We went to Tyler’s, which was an experience in its self. But, we made it there all in one piece. When we got there, they had to set up all the horses still. So, we waited for a few minutes. I was the second one who got a horse. They told me to take the time to get to know Red, before I got on her. She was great for ohhhh about 2 seconds! She started shaking her head up and down rapidly, which I guess is ok. But please remember I have little to NO experience around horses. Julie gave me the best advice ever! She said make care plans. Who would of thought giving my horse nursing diagnosis would calm me down! WOW! But, it did. I eventually got on Red. Then, she decided she wasnt going to go anywhere. At this point, I am thinking they need to rename this horse and it should be Diva or Princess. So, I went from this horse who wouldnt stop moving to this horse who wouldnt move at all…..GREAT! I finally get going. Tyler’s sister took me and two other girls up the hill and back down. When we got back everyone else was ready to go. So we went back up the hill, which was so much fun. But, on the way back down it was a different story. Allison, a girl on trip decided that she was ready to have her horse pick up speed. So, off she goes. Well, Red thought it would be a great idea to follow! OMG! There I was on a horse going a MILLION miles a hour, down a hill! I did everything I could to stop that horse! Finally after what seemed a LIFETIME, which I am sure it only lasted 30 seconds, Red decided to stop. At this time I have tears rolling down my face and I was shaking. Oh, if you could only see the images running through my head during this experience……. But, we made it down the hill in one piece. As soon as I could, I got off that horse and said good bye! I do not see being a cowgirl in my future! But, they are such an amazing animal! I just like them better from the car. But, to be able to say I rode an Indian horse AND on an Indian Reservation is so COOL! 

After the horse experience, we went back to Rosie’s for dinner. After dinner, we went outside for a roping demonstration! Mark is a real cowboy who is not a native, but he still lives on the rez.  He showed us how to lasso a bull, or in his terms BEEF. After he showed us a few times he was asking for volunteers. So, I went up and tried it out. It is not as easy as it looks at all! But, I tried a few times, and I finally got it. I wish I could do it again! After the demo, we had our nightly meeting. We had it outside sitting on the side of the hill, watching the sun set. It was breathtaking! At the meeting, Jess was awarded an Eagle feather! I was so excited for her! After that we finally made it back to our “Resort” and crashed!

Lessons for today: Think twice before I complain and the nursing process can be using in any situation!

Love Always

Lindsay Rose



About Lindsay H.

My name is Lindsay. I am currently a senior at Methodist College of Nursing. I will graduate on December 15th! Follow along as I take a class trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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  1. Mary says:

    Ok Lindsay, did you get any of this on video? Too funny!

  2. Becky DeRubeis says:

    I’m going to miss these reports!!!

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