Today we got up and did our usual morning routine. Today we set out for Wounded Knee for another block party. We got to Wounded Knee, and we set up behind the “housing” on a basketball court. As I looked around at the houses, I realize how lucky I truly am. The houses are in poor condition, and some have graffiti on them. The other group brought their jumping balloon, hot dog and popcorn stand, and additional activities.

We had a fairly good turn out. There were quite a few kids there, but not many adults. We were able to give away everything we had! It is such a good feeling knowing that we were able to help so many people. I did several cholesterol, but not as many as yesterday. There were a lot of children there without parents, which was sad. But, I am happy the kids had a fun and safe activity to come to. I am sure the kids will miss us, but not as much as we will miss them.

After the Wounded Knee block party, we went to back to the Oglala Lakota College bookstore and historical society. The bookstore was SO cool! It was WAY better than MCON’s. I got a T-shirt and hoodie, and a T-shirt for Joshua. The historical society was also very nice. The walls were covered in art work and pictures. Then there was an audio tape guiding us. After the historical society we went back to the “resort” for a little R&R. I went with a group to the restaurant.

At 4pm we left to go back to Wounded Knee Massacre Memorial site. There Emerson Elk talked to us about the massacre. Before talking, he smuged us. This is when they burn sage, and then you cover your body with the smoke. This is to prevent the dead from becoming restless. He talked to us for about and hour, then we went to the cemetery to see the mass grave site.

After the cemetery we went to Mike Her Many Horses’ house. He served us a traditional native meal. He served Elk stir fry, salmon patties, and fry bread. I ate the Elk stir fry. It was very tasty. After eating we enjoyed watching the sunset, and had our last meeting. This time the Eagle feather was given to our fearless leader Julie! It was a very emotional meeting. Jess gave an amazing speech on why Julie should get the feather, and then Ray spoke about leaving the Rez. I will miss this place so much! It has really changed me! The rez will forever have a part of my heart. I hope to be coming back next summer 🙂

We were not able to sleep in the TeePee tonight because I started not feeling well. Jess said is was because I ate 10 ton of elk. But, oh well.  We are not here for me, we are here to the Natives and their needs.  One day, I will sleep in a TeePee!

Love Always

Lindsay Rose


About Lindsay H.

My name is Lindsay. I am currently a senior at Methodist College of Nursing. I will graduate on December 15th! Follow along as I take a class trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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