ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we got all packed up to head home. It was hard to leave the Rez, but knowing there is a chance I might be able to come back made it better. We loaded the van and headed to Rosie’s. We ate breakfast and finished up our shopping in the Trading Post. After the other group was packed up we got on the road. We went to Red Shirt Table to see the Badlands. I told Julie just to leave me there with a lawn chair, Gatorade, and Uncrustables.  But, she wouldnt 😦     It was so beautiful, I could look at it all day, everyday. But, as usual we were on a tight schedule and couldn’t stay long. He headed to Custer State Park. I was finally able to see some Buffalo! We also saw antelope and burrows. The burrows would walk right up to the van! So, of course I jumped out and got my picture next to one. After a nice ride through the park, we stopped at had a picnic lunch at the lodge. 

Next, we headed to Mt. Rushmore. The weather wasn’t the greatest,but I was able to take some pictures and of course get some ice cream. If anyone goes to Mt. Rushmore, you MUST try the ice cream! After Mt. Rushmore, we headed into Keystone. The town looked really neat, but it was raining so I sat in the car. One day, I will go back and shop in all those stores. Then off to Rapid City we went. We stopped at ate at Golden Corral. It was ok, but it would of been better if my family was there. After dinner, we headed to our hotel. At the hotel, some of my friends and I went out for my birthday. It was just what I needed to get my mind off the fact that I was not at home for my birthday. But, we had a lot of fun! So many laughs! 

As you can tell, we had a pretty full day! I wish I was at home. I did pretty well being gone, until today.

 10+ hour car ride tomorrow, then 1 more day and I am HOME!

Love Always

Lindsay Rose


About Lindsay H.

My name is Lindsay. I am currently a senior at Methodist College of Nursing. I will graduate on December 15th! Follow along as I take a class trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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